Modular Kitchen / Wardrobes / Workstations

Modular Kitchen / Wardrobes / Workstations

Space Setterz , One stop solutions for Modular kitchen / Wardrobes / Workstations / Customised Furnitures.

Space Setterz Operates independently from any supplier in the Modular Furniture and Chairsmarket. We do however; have great relationships with the best. We provide an objective consultative service to assist you in selecting the best furniture for your workspace.

Through great planning, our specialized interior designers strive to deliver client requirements in an accurate way.

We strive to turn your vision into reality through meticulous planning, bespoke design and flawless execution across all our fore mentioned services.

We provides an intelligent, customized interpretation of clients Needs, resulting in innovative and unique interior designs, tailored to create the maximum impact.

  • Workstations:
  • With our own factory in Chennai, we give complete solutions on custom commercial workstations and other furniture, since we process on metals, coatings, fabrics and lamination works.
  • Wardrobes / TV unit / Sliding Wardrobes/ Cutomised Furniture:
  • Based on your clothing style, organize your wardrobe space with partition and accessories. Make the wardrobe /TV units / Customised Wardrobes/lofts exterior sync with your bedroom theme with various available materials and finishes.
  • Modular Kitchen:
  • With variety of styles and designs, personalize your modular kitchen unique with your personal touch and customize it to your day to day functional requirements. We are here to completely assist you with design and functional utilities with thousands of latest accessories, hardware’s and appliances available in the market with different standards to meet your needs.

please contact us for your requirements specified in the above listed area for any of your upcoming or current projects.